Adore The Same Old Love

LoveThe Inevitable is the change
The change changes ages.
Though faces resistance
The change happens.

There’s one I wish to shield
From change like my child.
Of course I’ve reasons
But the one blooms with none!

Now have a few and ago
Will future, let it a go?
The Inevitable is the Love!
Wish the Change makes a bow.

Let it be the same.
Let it be the old.
The same old LOVE
between two souls.

Bettering has no room
Since Love is the best.
Crossing any extremes and limits
Being together is what it permits.

Some take it for granted
That’s how their Love’s branded
So they formed a term”True Love”
Tell what true, then is a “Love”?

Though there are a few
Like, never fading dew.
With the same old beautiful Love
I adore, please accept my bow!

- Words by Din

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