Blow the Whistle #1 : Corruption : How it Works?

corruptionEverywhere we hear people barging about corruption! Well, what is this corruption? how it works? who are the people involved? What is the magnitude of its effects? Here are the perspective which tries to explains them in a jargon free, common man’s words.

What is corruption?
Every system us bound by certain rules and regulations, solely for the purpose of keeping a wise way of life. Corruption occurs when an individual / group misuse the power / money / material for their selfish gains at the cost of rest of the others, suffering.

All kinds of corruption has one common root, which is the selfishness.

No corruption are unplanned but perfectly executed! A system perfectly crafted with loop holes for doing the corruptions effectively.

For example this is how a corruption typically works on a democracy.

Say a political party called “Blue” is elected for the parliament. They are coming with a project called ” The Blue scheme” as per the scheme they are going offer the “Product Y” to all the families in the country.

The project works like this, From the Govt. Treasury a budget of “A Big Amount”, will be allotted for this “Blue scheme”.

The Govt. will call for tenders from the public for the manufacture “Product Y” and sanction it to the best quote.

The project start and the people will get the benefits of the scheme.

Do not think this will happen! Here comes the truth.

Planning Stage : While planning a project, the party Blue will seriously analyse the demand among the public for the product Y in the future. They check the investment opportunities of the party on various manufacturing plants and acquisition of manufacturing units by indirect representatives of the Party. Once everything is in place, they will initiate the branding of the Blue Scheme via their Election To-do list.

Branding : The scheme will be branded as Change maker project which will give life to thousands and change life styles of the country. People will see how much it will cost them? if anything the Govt, offers for free of cost then it is the boon scheme for them!

Execution : The “Big Amount” will be shared with the manufacturer’s of “Product Y” (the party Blue’s), they will manufacture, gain profits as a company and the money goes to the pockets of the party blue!, in order to maximize the profit, they compromise the quality of the product, who is there to ask as the Party Blue is backing them! So Double Profit.

This is no end: Using this particular venture benefit they invest this money on various other businesses as well which are associated with Product Y, say service providers, clients etc. Everywhere they will keep their persons.

So overall what happens?

Public believes they got something free! No! Its an organised looting of public funds from the Govt. Treasury by the Political Parties. They just transfer it to their personal accounts via humongous projects. The money instead of circulating, it gets into their pockets permanently!

Then what? There is no return of money to the treasury of the Govt. So what to do? Increase the prices of Product A, B, C, D, E…. The parties will have a smile behind, as they are somehow invloved in the businesses of A, B, C, D, E… if not they will do it somehow in the next term. That’s the soul purpose they are in the Politics!

The Common Man will always suffer hiking prices and kept so busy chasing his day to day needs, so that he never focuses on the what happens around. The common man will have no time to see what the Political parties are doing to him, as long as his survival is taken care.

Who will take the blame? Well Globalization, Inflation, Economic Situation, etc etc…

“NOPE See there is a change, Scams are found! Special Laws Passed” – You may claim!

I will explain this strategy by this simple quote “You can fool someone sometimes, you can fool everyone sometime, but you cannot fool everyone every time” this is what the Political parties have learnt. So in order to keep us fools sometimes some one will be made “scapegoats” from their side, But look at the bigger picture in detail! No one has ever been punished! We cant see what happens in Prisons even if someone’s jailed! So everything is framed with accessible loop holes for the benefits of the People in Power!

Well there happens a 1000 scams everyday only one or two comes out to the lime light. Corruptions are a part of our life, right from admitting our kids in the schools to paying taxes! We are their original facilitators, we are no cure for corruption but we are catalysts, we ourselves want our shares in the corruption instead of provoking the bribes offered to us in the form of various schemes and freebies.

We do not want to earn anything, we just want things free! This is just a poking nose of the Gaint Dinosaur called Corruption!

This is just a basic overview of Corruption in a common man’s perspective. More coming soon…

– Words by Din

Disclaimer : This is not particularly against any political party or Govt. of any country, this is just an educational content. Those who are with clean hands will find this not poke at them!

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