Blow the Whistle #2 : Employment Schemes Corruption!

This is how a typical rural employment scheme can go corrupt and become a 1000 crores scams!! Instead of reducing unemployment rates, it enhances corruptions at various levels and increases unemployment. Moreover it damages the economy and the future of a nation!


As per the development plans for the providing employment opportunities for the educated in the rural areas, the Government has come up with this Scheme called “Placemento Ruralo Phobia” 😉 (hereafter PR Phobia may sound funny, but let us say so)

How this “PR Phobia” suppose to work is the government will tie up with educational partners from private sector, whose responsibility is to train and place the rural students on various jobs on private companies in the country.

The educational partners will get paid by the govt. for their services on per candidate-trained basis and there exists no rigid conditions of compulsory placements (except a few sub categories)

Also the students who gets the training will get a minimal scholarship amount on successful completion of the training (Say X amount)

X amount may be as little as Rs.2000 which goes as X*Millions of Students = 100s of Crores of Rupees + Training costs on Crores = 1000 Crore projects. Not a simple one!

The Educational Partner can employ an external training ally who can procure and train students on their premises, this acts like an agency / franchise structure. Who also get paid on per candidate basis.

This educational partner can also have tie ups with MNCs, Group of Companies in the country and other little players in the market as well in order to get their man power needs matching the specific training offered by them.

So the Govt. Funds the students, funds the education partner to improvise employment in the country. What a good scheme? Isn’t it? Obviously it is suppose to be a boon for poor students from rural backdrops to get employed on private sectors with a free skill development program!

Here comes our Corruption!

#1 : Govt. gives some target no of candidates to the Educational Partner (who can be anyone with facilities to train as mentioned in the requirements on their eligibility terms). The first loop hole is bias in this sanctioning are very high! Favoritism can be encouraged indirectly.

#2 : Since there is a Scholarship offered to the students participate in the training, both the Educational Partner and their ally uses this as a bait to the students and pulls them in at a large number. Poor students in need of money are lured for talking the training programs. Behold, even they will not get the training for the duration they suppose to have. For instance if the training has to be covered on 20 days, they will take the training for just two days. Here they cut down their training costs a lot virtually, but on papers it will go as 20 days claim for reimbursements. This is another loop hole.

#3 : Students are blamed indirectly on their availability as an excuse for not conducting the training program for 20 days, thus they infest their mind to do fraud by giving their consent on any cross verification if happens in future. So they will tell that they have attend the complete training, in case of any verification. So what happens in the two days? Well that can be even one day! To take photo proofs, signatures on forms and some basic orientation on what questions can be asked on cross verification and how to answer them! That’s it. Add this too to the loop holes list.

#4 : Fraud by existing companies who already have employed students in large number. What these companies does is they train their already employed students under this banner of “PR Phobia” and for sake they hire them again, cover them up on training expenses if needed, else pass the claim to the Govt. that they have trained so many people and placed them. Finally the Govt. pays for them for this corruption. Some may call this smart! But this is a mere loop hole and cheating.

#5 : Who knows? why the Govt. plans such a toothless and ineffective scheme with so many loop holes? May be just to get their share by putting their people in the place of Partners, ally, corporate and even fake students as they do gather crowds for election meetings! This is the mother of all loop holes.

#6 : At various levels the officials responsible for proof-checking these kind of schemes’ execution are handled under the table or off the offices. So they go unheard of such corrupt practices!

Who is cheated? The students are victims and they are cheated along witht the citizens of the country. The efficiency of such schemes like “PR Phobia” are mere 10%. So unemployment rate is always going to be there, keeping people selfish and under one roof of idiocy in the name of bribing on various ways in the name of scholarships like this. It never reaches the right people who are in need but those people who are ready to pick what the corrupt people spills.

Look around in your country, may be India, may be US may be some tiny island country where this might be happening now!

Well, How can we ask this? if we find this happen? what is the protection for the Whistle blower? Hardly we could imagine! So lets be aware at least on how they can cheat us!

– Words by Din

 Disclaimer : If this corruption matches with any ongoing schemes or organisation or any Government Projects, then it is purely a coincident. Everything mentioned here are just a possibilities based on permutations and combinations of various loop holes 🙂

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