Blow the whistle : Sachin and Rekha Spent 'Rs.0' as MPs for People


Cricket superstar Sachin Tendulkar and veteran actress Rekha who were nominated to Rajya Sabha around two years ago have spent “zero” rupee on development in their respective adopted areas.

Official reports published on the website of ministry of statistics and programme implementation reveal that the celebrity MPs did not spend anything from their members of the parliament local area development (MPLAD) fund.

The Upper House parliamentarians get to adopt a district of their choice for development. Each Rajya Sabha member is entitled to Rs 5 crore a year from their MPLAD fund. Sachin Tendulkar adopted district is Mumbai suburban, but Rekha has not bothered to even adopt a district.

Neither sent any development project proposal to the government. Both have accumulated Rs 10 crore each in their two year old accounts.

– Times of India

One hundred years ago, the Seventeenth Amendment to the US Constitution was passed, changing the way representatives were elected to the Upper House (Senate). Before 1913, Senators were elected by the State legislators, as is the case in India, with Rajya Sabha members being elected by MLAs. But going forward from that date, all Senators were to be directly elected by the people.

There was a long history of abuse of their rights by this electoral college of state legislatures that preceded this in the US, resulting in a wide-spread clamour for change.

In India too, there are many things odd with the way Rajya Sabha members are elected. For instance, we have a highly overlapping situation where MLAs elect members to the upper houses of the states (MLCs) as well as the upper house of the country, and this is surely resulting in concentration of legislative power.

Could we come up with a system that is more directly accountable to the people? Should districts be represented in the RS? What does it mean for it to a House of the States if people from outside the states can be elected? Should RS elections be on a party basis? Should RS members be bound by the anti-defection law, if they do not represent party interests? These and many more questions about selection of the upper house members merit broader discussion.

– Says Ashwin Mahesh,

Politics and Serving the public is no game anyone can play! One needs to have a passion for doing anything. May be the master blaster Sachin lacks passion for “Serving people” as he has for cricket and don’t know much about actress Rekha’s passion. As a cricketer Sachin has almost every cricketing record and known to be a perfect Cricketer. We hope he bounces back from this controversy and score well in this second innings of his life as an MP.

Hope we people separate Politics from Cinema and other Celebritized fields. We respect the likes of the great Sachin in their respective fields, at the same time we wish they let way to passionate people in politics rather, putting their reputation they hard earned all these years under the radar by choosing over something like politics what they may not have a passion for. 

This is no Game! This is Real and this is the life of people.

So we hope all people wake up from this Utopian dream making celebrities as responsible politicians to run the nation. Especially people of India need to wake up. Vote responsible for those who are passionate about serving the nation. Of course, selection of Rajya Sabha we do not have much control, but we can decide who goes to the Lok Sabha.

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