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Scribbling of the Day : Homeless Birds

A new Villa, a new dawn His day started with a lemon tea and the fragrance of the mist. There came a guest He felt the poet in him “Do you have a home?” he inquired within. “Look!” gestured his guest flapped the wings and began flying high to show it’s little home – Earth! His Villa shrunk little as…

Beautiful Words : From an Alzheimer Patient

Dear Friend, Oh, how can this be You and I are losing me. Some day soon Maybe morning, Maybe noon I will no longer be the me You and I know as me. I ask, what is happening to me, And the answer seems to be Words and thoughts frequently scramble And my conversations seem to ramble. O, how can…

An Invitation to All Writers, Bloggers and Thinkers

We cordially invite you to be a part of our debut publishing work “Blank Space” – An anthology-styled book series. As the title says a ‘Blank Space’ can be filled with anything. We are hopeful to fill it with positive thoughts on various issues in multiple genres like stories, poems, arts and articles. This ‘Volume 1’ of ‘Blank Space’ will…

Adore The Same Old Love

The Inevitable is the change The change changes ages. Though faces resistance The change happens. There’s one I wish to shield From change like my child. Of course I’ve reasons But the one blooms with none! Now have a few and ago Will future, let it a go? The Inevitable is the Love! Wish the Change makes a bow. Let…

A Nomadic Itinerary

There’s a dream at long odds. There is he; a freeman. Free beyond borders, Just as an Earthling. Makes “Home Sweet Home” Wherever he goes. No one’s a stranger, in his cherished world. No tagged nationality No labeled passports No religion owns him “Heir?” not him His nomadic itinerary Born somewhere, living here, tomorrow anywhere. Walk along, pass smile, share…

"The World is so BIG"

It’s our eyes versus the vision Gazing at the long horizon of the sea Moving misty white clouds in the blue sky Miniscule-view from a high cliff Sun rise or set witnessed from an airplane A silent walk on the lonely desert Watching no land on a mid ocean And a child’s smile for a broken heart! Just remind us…

Must Read : Poem of Death of an Innocent Girl

A touching poem about an innocent girl who was killed in an accident caused by a drunk driver. Please don’t drink and drive. I went to a party, Mom, I remembered what you said. You told me not to drink, Mom, so I drank soda instead. I really felt proud inside, Mom, the way you said I would. I didn’t…

| Haiku | Sea | 5 of 100|

Miss her caress My Jubilance My Melancholy Miss her lap May be She the Sea? Mumbling waves “I am there for you” My Mom alike…    Din

Haiku | Love #1

Miracle love Yin and Yang You and I Us… Curse fate Us You and I Yin and Yang. Love Miracles…                    …Din

| Haiku | Sea | 4 of 100|

Humbled under,holding me up!I ain’t sunk,as she raised above!Humbled is Honoured. She’s land, I’m Sea. – Din < p>> From my collection “I am Sea” Haiku (4 of 100)

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