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| Haiku | Sea | 3 of 100|

Forgive? Or Efface Memories? Waves wash the feet You convey something? Sorry, the child drowned!                                – Din From my scribbles I AM SEA Image courtesy : Source

| Haiku | Sea | 2 of 100|

Desire as Salt and Food Love as Salt and Sea A faulty interchange On human souls                              – Din

| Haiku | Sea | 1 of 100|

I see a child in you Care for none who stare Play with me I am: Sea                       – Din

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Share anything you read, you liked, you want the world to know about. Ask anything you want to know about.  “Education is Everything” – you might see this as our tag line, not just as words. We Propel Steps get all the inspiration from that strong belief. Through education, we can bring many positive changes. Wisdom, Humanity, Environmental issues, Fair…

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Swim in the clouds, Hope it won’t rain down! Stay away from the blue sky, Else the colour may stain. Turn off the sun, It’s my time says the moon. Whrilling winds come, Say no mood to play slides. Stars are shining, Not as your glittering eyes. Does it really matter, Who says this to whom? Can be a Dad’s…

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We take this opportunity to thank you all for your support. We have listed your blogs and wish this helps us know one another. We request you all to accept this as a token of love and gratitude. 🙂 Please share your comments and feel free to let us know your opinion so that we can do even better.  Bloggers…

One Line Story : "Dump Me" – Seed

“If you want to dump someone in a pit? Please do it to me ! Not to someone who believes in you”, said a Seed – Words by Din ( Inspired Thoughts )

Snippet Thoughts : I heard this! Trust me ;)

“It is an uncertain world here Anytime our lives may end A drop of Tsunami may wash us away! An Ambush may walk on us! We don’t know what tomorrow has for us! Yet we always work for our purpose We never had quit from our pursuit Will never quit as well! Hurry up! Voila, Brigades! “ Lo and Behold!…

Something beautiful…

“That’s it! Today I am gonna tell him/her” a self talk. “I love you too” after your proposal. “I have a good news for you” a newly wed wife. “Congrats! Both mother and child are good, now you can see them” “Yawaa oyiueoa kuaeahayo” some indistinct language First time listening “Maa (mother) Paa (father)” “I got 100 out of 100…

Inspirational : Rope-Pulling

.   What am I?   Finding myself so Odd   Could draw a line in between  So called a Normal and an Obsessed I stand there!   I crave as a normal for being loved, To raise a family and see the sweet sides of life.   I drive as an Obsessed for serving my purpose, To make a…

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