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Chirrups of Birds : Wish our kids hear tomorrow

Image Courtesy & Copyrights : To the respective photographers   Chirrups of Birds Intrudes my sleep Sun just has woken up Beams’ passing through the leave slits   Every day begins with same chirps Tunes never got old. Brings chicks outta nest Makes Tweedles and Twiddles for food   Mom offer rice some days Some other grains too They get…

Powerful Quote #4 : Perfection

“No one in this world is pure and perfect”    Wise human takes it constructive, Judge others less, accepts other’s mistakes Spreads Love more.   Crooked human takes it destructive, Excuse thyself “Why I be pure and perfect?” Spreads Mistrust more -Words by Din Related articles What We See and Hear (uponasunnyday.com) 4 Quotes that will Empower You (azmeenasalehani.wordpress.com)

all it needs a simple HOLD ON

Struggles will yield Success Ambition will become reality Tests will leave experiences Pains will be healed Challenges will be Opportunities Love will never fade Life will become so meaningful   All it needs is just a “hold on” Even a presumed loser will win with a “hold on” An assured winner may lose without a “hold on”   A “hold…

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