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Powerful Quote #161 : One Love

I love the sight of zooming out from the earth, before our very eyes, countries disappear and borders fade. Humans become one among million living beings; I see one Earth, one Home and one Love. – Din Do you write short stories? Now it’s time to get published and inspire the world. Know more about Blank Space where you can submit your…

Culture viewed in Universal Perspective

Being modern or traditional in the culture is decided within one’s own mind. Rest all is just opinions and illusions. The roots of culture and traditions goes back to the history of evolution. The entire transition of humanity from a mere animal to critical thinking brains as we are today, is because of living practices we adapted from time to…

See what I found and my Reaction #1

“Say you belong to a religion only when you follow the virtues of your god. You first fill your soul with love and kindness like Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Buddha or any God. Else your religion alone exists with you, when you hate and spread hatred, you are just a religious extremist, not a follower of any faith.” – Din What…

Powerful Quotes #161 : Deep-Rooted-Selfishness

More deeper the roots, more stronger the trees. Our human society also has deep roots and we are stronger, the concern is not how deep our roots are, it is what our roots are! “I” is the root of problems and “We” is the root of solutions! Now you know why humans do all nonsense! – Din You may also…

Powerful Quote #160 : Dress up the Soul

SMILE. It is the best dress to cover our soul, It does not just hides any pain but also heals. – Din

Powerful Quotes #159 : Two Filters: Hardships & Failures

I don’t wish to be victorious without any failures and hardships. Because they filter out two important things in life. The first thing, it filters myself; makes me believe in myself and bring out the best in me – some day I’ll feel better I am worthy of the success. The second thing, it filters out others; makes me believe…

Powerful Quote #158 : Loopholes

When the system has many loopholes to escape and money can ease the access to loopholes, no matter how strict the laws are, no one can stop the Crimes! It’s not the laws that need a change, it’s we who need to change! – Din Image Courtesy: Found on Facebook

Powerful Quote #157 : True Activists

There is a group of people who never get satisfied about life, never see the positive sides and never look for bettering the world, instead they make a living out of sensationalizing only the negative sides and call themselves also as Activists! A True Activists are the ones who enable the positivity and not the ones who just only do…

Powerful Quote #156 : Praise & Censure

Let no praise or censure to leave an effect in your mind. Don’t feel so excited or down, for that mere perception of others. Just be thankful and move on. – Din More Quotes by Din (View All)

Powerful Quote #155 : Get Kicked :)

All around the Earth it is a simple process “one living being at a time, doing their own work”, regardless of the mess around, except for humans who just do the mess. Who knows? That might be our role to mess around and get kicked 😉 – Din Image Courtesy : SupremeGoofyGoober

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