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Powerful Quote #154 : Was that Me?

We never know when life will make a twist, we don’t own anything but, our very own character. Never compromise it in any situation or for any one, else we will have to look back at a few moments with regret! “Was that Me?” – Din Image Courtesy : Some old Wallpaper on my PC !

Powerful Quote #153 : The Difference

A worthy spiritual thought I have learnt is ‘the difference between a golden bar and a golden ornament can be external, but inside it’s just the same gold. The same applies to all living beings as well, the soul remains the same.’ Din

Powerful Quote 152: Dream Killer

Excuse is our first enemy that dwells inside us and kills our dreams. Words by Din

Powerful Quotes #151 : Inspired by Music

Today’s music will soon get outdated in the tomorrows, still there are geniuses who are creative enough to create tomorrow’s stuff today and stay evergreen.  – Din Who is your favorite Musician?

Powerful Quote #150 : Genius' Surprise

Never push any children to be a topper, instead motivate them to seek excellence in what they aspire, a Genius in them will surprise you. – Din

6 Pics for the 6th Sense : Pure Love

If you do something kind to anyone, knowing that they can’t do anything to you in return, then that is a pure Love. Rest all is fake, which fades along with money and time. – Din

Powerful Quote #149 : Unsold Thoughts of a Common Man

We don’t care about a great thought, if a common man makes it; but we fuss about some pointless words, if a celebrity makes it! We need to celebritize the Energizers more than the Entertainers for a better society! – Din

Powerful Quote #148 : Punishment

Any punishment goes meaningless when they do not account for a reformation. Then what punishment could make sense for incorrigible criminals? – Din  

Powerful Quote #146 : Enable Ambitions

Every chasing has an action, so let our ambition also have some. – Din

Powerful Quote #147 : More Money…

When you accumulate more money than your needs, you can’t stop attracting dirty minds around you. – Din

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