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Powerful Quote #145 : From 'Blame' To 'Responsibility'

When we ‘grow intelligent’ enough to identify whom we can blame for whatever happened, we miss to realize that, it takes just one step ahead to ‘grow wise’ and stop blaming. Accept the facts, past and take responsibility from ‘the now’! – Din

Powerful Quote #144 : Be a Giver…

Be a giver of love, because the world needs more good souls. – Din

Powerful Quote #143 : The Wall of Obstacle

Hit the wall of obstacle continuously, you may break the wall or your head for sure! The key is not how strong the wall is, but how strong your tool is, use brain to choose the right tool for breaking your obstacles; don’t break your head! – Din

Powerful Quote #142 : Expectations

Give people opportunities to respond, but never expect anything from them, because you can control only what you can give; not what you get!  – Din

Powerful Quote #141 : Dare to Face

When you step out of the circle, be open for critiques, praises, feedback and advises. Many steps out, but only a few dare to face everything what life throws at them! – Din

Powerful Quote #140 : 'Her' Freedom

No one or nothing can repress a woman, unless she holds herself back. Her freedom or servitude is in her mind. – Din

Powerful Quote #138 :) Make Others Smile

Do some fun, everyday, make someone smile, life will bring smiles to you always. 😉 – Words by Din

Powerful Quote #137 : Panda, the Bear.

“I will be happy like you, if you let me live in real, than just as a stuff-toy” – Panda, the Bear. Words by Din

Powerful Quote #136 : April 1 – Election Days

Almost all general elections seems like an April 1st and after results somebody gonna ROFL at us “April Foooollss“.  -Words by Din

Powerful Quote #135 : Happiness Tags

People often confuse happiness with price tags! Sadly, a few people also have price tags.  -Words by Din

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