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Earth Our Home Too : Yogi Bear? Here's a Doggy Bear :)

This Sloth Bear recently befriended them in Lakhapada village in India. The bear was never domesticated, however surprisingly chose to bond with the family. Now it has become more than a pet, a member of the family. Sloth Bears can be very aggressive and deadly, but not in his case. This adorable male bear followed the family’s heard of goats to their home. After he discovered the…

Must Feel : 10 Messages from Man's Best Friend "Dog"

Well these are not just words by a pooch, we people all can understand what a relationship is. Life is too short to hurt or betray anyone who loves us true. So be a good companion for people who believe in you as their life. Never let them down. 1. My life is likely to last 10 to 15 years….

Powerful Quote #168 : The Difference Between You & You

This is an indicator of your character, The difference between ‘You’ and ‘You’ The first ‘You’ is the ‘You’, known to yourself.. The second ‘You’ is the ‘You’, that you show to others. Lesser the difference, better the character! You need not show everything about you to everyone, But never show something that what you’re not. If you do, you…


We don’t care Who you are! What you are! We DAMN Care Whom you fight! and WHY YOU FIGHT! YES! WE DAMN CARE! Just STOP THE WAR! STOP KILLING KIDS! STOP VIOLENCE!

God is far beyond Religions: The way I see…

You can understand your God Spiritually, only when you abandon the attachment to your religion. One can follow any religion to explore God, but if you do not follow the virtues of God. Then you are just religious… In this article I tried to explain my spiritual journey, the questions I asked myself and the answers I found. With no…

Powerful Quote #167 : Corruption- Sign of Selfishness

The corruption in any country is nothing but a sign of selfish people who live there in the majority. – Din

Powerful Quote #166 : Help Yourself, Keep Going

Even, if you do, the noblest thing to the society, there will be people who just keep on popping-up to find fault and criticize! When you shift your focus to convince them, you actually begin to deviate from your purpose. So, help yourself and keep going. – Din

A Letter to Mighty Raju – An Elephant rescued after 50 yrs

I am writing this letter to this rescued, humble Elephant called Raju, who suffered 50 years of brutality in spiked chains 24 hours a day. I write this with sincere thanks to Wildlife SOS, who are the real heroes who rescued Raju. Dear Mighty Raju,  I could feel your tears. I could feel somehow happiness, at least now you are free, I…

Powerful Quotes #164 : Trying is the Cure

I tried, I failed.  I’m trying, I may fail.  I will try again and I will win. Let your soul Chant this! Trying is the Cure to Failure – Din Do you write short stories? Now it’s time to get published and inspire the world. Know more about Blank Space where you can submit your short stories for free for publishing. Drop a mail…

Powerful Quote #163 : Happy Losing :)

Trust is always 100%, if not, then it is not trusting at all. If someone misuses your trust, it doesn’t mean that you are a fool. They are fools to not to know your worth. You still remain a good soul, it’s ok to feel sad momentarily; but be happy to lose a backstabber in your life. – Din Do you write…

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