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Powerful Quote #157 : True Activists

There is a group of people who never get satisfied about life, never see the positive sides and never look for bettering the world, instead they make a living out of sensationalizing only the negative sides and call themselves also as Activists! A True Activists are the ones who enable the positivity and not the ones who just only do…

Powerful Quote #156 : Praise & Censure

Let no praise or censure to leave an effect in your mind. Don’t feel so excited or down, for that mere perception of others. Just be thankful and move on. – Din More Quotes by Din (View All)

Powerful Quote #155 : Get Kicked :)

All around the Earth it is a simple process “one living being at a time, doing their own work”, regardless of the mess around, except for humans who just do the mess. Who knows? That might be our role to mess around and get kicked 😉 – Din Image Courtesy : SupremeGoofyGoober

Powerful Quote #154 : Was that Me?

We never know when life will make a twist, we don’t own anything but, our very own character. Never compromise it in any situation or for any one, else we will have to look back at a few moments with regret! “Was that Me?” – Din Image Courtesy : Some old Wallpaper on my PC !

Love All & Hate None

I have seen some extremes of living in my life so far. There were people who spend thousands of bucks for a miniscule bottle of perfume. There were people who sweat in the scorching sun for a 100 Rupee note. Farmers with a dream of sending their kids to those multi-floored colleges in the next town. Rocking youth who enjoys their…

Powerful Quote #153 : The Difference

A worthy spiritual thought I have learnt is ‘the difference between a golden bar and a golden ornament can be external, but inside it’s just the same gold. The same applies to all living beings as well, the soul remains the same.’ Din

Borrowed Inspirations #1

Story: Tear Gas, A Pooch and his Thomas “Chaos everywhere!!! What happened to these humans? They are running here and there, beating one another!” the dog was so confused. “Here, look they are throwing stones at each other! Hey you man with the mask, Do you know where is my Thomas (the dog’s owner)” the pooch wagged its tail to…

Story : Gift Some Love

“Hey, this will look awesome for you” he showed that lovely Knee Length Pink frock with flowers to her. “Look what I have selected for you!” she presented to him that cute Pants with braces in excitement. The twins have chosen dresses for each other from that large pile of donated clothes. They both are happy after a long time,…

Story: The Rabbit Secret

“There is the Rabbit, Stay still! Aim… 3… 2… 1… Fire” Boom! “Where are the bullets?, You idiot!” he shouted. “Here they are, sorry I forgot” There is no Rabbit. A single action can bring Bad Luck or Good Luck, the same can be an act of Stupidity or Intelligence. Sometimes we are lucky as the rabbit, sometimes we are stupid…

Story : Look Problem from the Other's View

When I was in elementary school, I got into a major argument with a boy in my class. I have forgotten what the argument was about, but I have never forgotten the lesson I learned that day. I was convinced that “I” was right and “he” was wrong – and he was just as convinced that “I” was wrong and…

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