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Here we post all the posts written by – Dinesh Kumar Radhakrishnan aka Din.

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There’s More fruit in Rich Man’s Shampoo than a Poor man’s Plate

Poverty is a disease which is curable but We are left with no answers why we cant cure it. I have nothing more to explain than what this title and these few from millions of pictures speak… Whatever it takes, have a determination to eradicate poverty in your circle. Do anything to stop people dying of poverty. Whatever it takes….

Snippet Thoughts : Mistakes Matters @ workplace

We have read so many success stories which depict the transition from failures to successes. Mistakes are the causes of failures which in fact pave way to success. Oddity is that majority of people like those success stories for reading, exclude thyself from that rule. Take any organization on random and look into their work culture. Organizations which encourage their employees…

“A Love Letter at my 60” Heart melting Story. Never miss to read it.

We found this beautiful story on http://deepinsidesouls.blogspot.in/ sharing the same. Must read one. How you react if you got a love letter at your 60 s I am in a situation to react. Life has been so tough for me as a woman In return I remained more rigid to the life too. Had lived through my life and nothing left now…

Snippet Thoughts : Push

There are moments in life which demands just a Push to a step ahead Push, when you fail : success is always near a failure Push, when your journey gets more tougher than you thought : all strength is in your soul to continue Push, when you see your wallet empty some days : earning is not the replication of…

Snippet Thoughts : A Humane day

A day in life I came across different kind of humane personalities exists in women.Morning – A woman was carrying a baby in her hand sat on the conductor’s seat, later when he returned he asked her to leave his seat to him. Then she was standing in bus. Two working professional women were playing with the baby… later the…

A chat with a student…A day in the Making of Propel Steps – Inspirations are need to be taken… when you don’t get it.

A day in the Making of Propel Steps – Inspirations are need to be taken… when you don’t get it. A chat with my student… I was just casually facebooking doing some sharing and sneaking out what all my friends like and shares. Shared few beautiful lines with my girl and messaged her some funny stuffs of Chickens watching horror movie (actually…

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