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Just 3 words : Explains So much

A Thought came in mind, so sharing with you all. Here are the three words and my perspective. I may be right or wrong, but sharing the three words… SORRY THANKS PLEASE Great men never hesitated to use these Three words. If one hesitate to use these words, can never be a great man. Agree folks? Share your comment

The empty soap box : Keep it simple lesson for every organisation

One of the most memorable case studies on Japanese management was the case of the empty soapbox, which happened in one of Japan’s biggest cosmetics companies. The company received a complaint that a consumer had bought a soapbox that was empty. Immediately the authorities isolated the problem to the assembly line, which transported all the packaged boxes of soap to…

Need Expert Opinion: What will happen if there are no limitations to export / import taxes (arbitrage benefits)?

As far as our Understanding goes the basics of Exchange Rates, PPP, Arbitrage benefits and Limitations are as follows,   For example say the price of one Cricket bat in US is 10$. If you convert the price keeping exchange rate (ex: 1USD = 50 INR) in mind then in India it should cost Rs.500 (ie. 10*50). But in India…

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