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There are many wonderful bloggers out there.. We are Delighted to Reblog few of their Best Posts in this section

U.N. Delegates Take First Steps Towards New Global Warming Treaty

Will it be effective? we have to wait and see

A Little Girl Stands in Awe

Beautiful 🙂

258 child labourers rescued in a year: NGO

YOU CAN CALL 1098 (Toll Free) if you spot any child labour / kids seeking any help. (Applicable in India) Other countries please share your emergency numbers and share this info. Related articles Child Labour Information ( Child Labour in India ( Poll blames child labour on poverty ( dna special: Mumbai lets go of child labourers, thanks to sustained…

Eco Preservation : Sanitation for India

848 million Indians do not have access to clean drinking water and toilets. States like Orissa and West Bengal have the highest number of people without access to sanitation facilities. India’s poor sanitary predicament costs the country 54 billion dollars annually.  The consumption of unsafe water coupled with unsanitary living conditions, leads to contraction of water borne diseases such as typhoid, diarrhea, SARS…

MEDICAL CORNER …. World Diabetes Day …. November 14

Nov-14 World Diabetes Day too

Reblog : Pray for the Philippines

Pray for Phillippines

Reblog : Human organs replicated with weeds and flowers!

Beautiful 🙂 Thanks for sharing

Crocodiles–Some Facts

Cool Facts about Crocodiles 🙂

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