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Mexico City | Urbanization

Be a Friend, not a Parent

Even a small abuse changes the life of the kids completely. It takes years to come out of such abuses. Not only female children, irrespective of gender many kids go through such abuses and nobody notices and ought to forgotten as life goes. But the wounds never heal and stay in mind forever. So parents has more responsibility, not only…

God of Science

For the Beauty

Expressed so wonderful about Earth.. thanks for this post 🙂 Reblogging’t..

Thanks Meet : Milestone 300+ : Find your blog listed :)

We Really missed to thank a few of you immediately after the follow individually … Yet we are grateful for all your support & value you great and today we have reached 300+ followers. So we take this wonderful opportunity to thank all who follow our blog. Happy Blogging 🙂 Hope it helps our followers know one another and follow…

Our Polite Thanks :)

Our Polite thanks to everyone who read, reblogged, commented, liked, shared our posts and followed Propel Steps. In everything you did you have taken your precious time for us, We valued every seconds of it and your support means a lot to us. We will carry the gratitude for every single act of kindness you done for us, along our…

West Papua

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