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There are many wonderful bloggers out there.. We are Delighted to Reblog few of their Best Posts in this section

Farmers Market–Please No Plastic!

Good one.. Hope we carry on the habit to other markets too 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

Last Words

Please do not ignore : You can help saving 3.45 Lakh Hectares of Agricultural Lands

There is a Project all set to commence in Mannargudi Area, (Thanjavur) Tamil Nadu, India to extract Coal Bed Methane.  What is it? Please look Which will have its impact on 3.45 lakh hectares (3450 Sq. Km) of agricultural land here, as per the proposed project. Our Place is called Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu. Have a look at the…

We have a Message for you : Thank You :)

We have an important message for you.. Do not miss this… Thank you 🙂  For your views, shares, comments, likes, reblogs and most importantly your wishes & prayers. At Propel Steps we have a story to tell the world. A Vision we travel towards. This journey with you all makes it wonderful, not the destiny. We firmly believe education can…

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