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Alert! : Will India #BAN #Ajinomoto?

This article will reveal the pathetic state of ‪#‎Indian‬ ‪#‎Food‬ ‪#‎Safety‬. Will India ban Ajinomoto now? ‪#‎Maggi‬ row has made everyone talk about MSG aka Monosodium Glutamate. But we people are so unaware / lethargic to be frank. This MSG is also called as Ajinomoto. Which is widely used across India in most of the foods in many hotels and…

Story : Would you call it Smart?

A local Primary school was visited by the Government School Inspector who was there to check that teachers were performing well in their respective classes. She was very impressed with one particular teacher. The Inspector noticed that each time the class teacher asked a question, every child in the class put up their hands enthusiastically to answer it. More surprisingly, whilst the…

Snippet Thoughts : Money is a Spoiled Brat of Human Parents

I would like to call money a spoiled brat of human parents. When everyone wait in a queue money cries to jump the queue and it will get special premium entry to worship GOD. When justice remains same for all on book, money cries and ensures justice remains only on books. When a talented kid lacks the opportunity to learn…

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