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Calculate your Brain Age Here : Younger is better…

Throughout life our brains undergo more changes than any other part of the body.  Younger the brain age than our actual Age is a good sign. There are many ways to calculate your brain age and one can reduce the brain age but practicing, more precisely can slow down the ageing process. Play this flash game to estimate your brain…

Our Polite Thanks :)

Our Polite thanks to everyone who read, reblogged, commented, liked, shared our posts and followed Propel Steps. In everything you did you have taken your precious time for us, We valued every seconds of it and your support means a lot to us. We will carry the gratitude for every single act of kindness you done for us, along our…

Orienting Kids on Social Responsibility

Young minds are the source of new hope and a source of energy. Now  Propel Steps started conducting workshops and orientation programs for School children on Social Responsibility. We are unveiling them the connections between their Education , Individual Excellence, Societal Progress and Environmental Sustainability. Inviting you to contribute your Ideas and suggestions from any part of the world. We welcome…

Test for your Visual Memory : You will like this :)

A Simple test : Just click on the last circle that appear everytime… And check how far you can go.. Comment your score… 🙂 [gigya src=”https://dgcbqg.bn1.livefilestore.com/y2pPX3LXgdof-nLvH_otmrWxwsCFnuw3QamuOCUPYype-t7kBaibhAA14JY5JK09TOzy1k88inmS_6OmwhYezZTm8DLtmu3gBfgtSHuPKqz84Q/mind.swf”] Share with your friends too 🙂  Note : We know the maximum number that can be scored 😉 So comment genuine 😛

Puzzle : Cross & Two Cuts

You can cut this cross in only two straight lines, to make the maximum number of pieces. How many pieces can you make? Tried? How many you got? 4?  We got 6? Click here to see the answer 🙂

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