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Know : With one centimeter of hair we can find…. More facts

One centimeter of hair can reveal much about your behavior in the past month – what you ate, drank and the environments you encountered. The average person’s head has 100,000 to 150,000 hairs. A single hair can support up to 100 grams in weight and a whole head of hair could support up to 12 tonnes – the equivalent of…

X-Men Coming True? : A boy who can see in Pitch black darkness!

A young Chinese boy who was born with beaming blue eyes has stunned medics with his ability to see in pitch black darkness. Nong Yousui from Dahua, China has eyes that reflect neon green when a light is shined on them. Doctors have studied Nong’s amazing eyesight since his dad took him to the hospital concerned over his bright blue…

Know : The History of Life on Earth in one Page

Time Event 4.6 billion years: The Sun formed from the gravitational collapse of a region within a large molecular cloud. Most of the matter gathered in the center (Sun), while the rest flattened into an orbiting disk that became the Solar System (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune).Sun was about 70% as bright as today. Our solar system is currently…

Know : What if Earth does not have MOON?

The question arose one evening after Christmas, fittingly beneath a nearly full Moon. What if this bright sphere we are so accustomed to in the sky just weren’t there? How would our planet get by without it? A few consequences come immediately to mind: Neil Armstrong’s life would have been less exciting. Audrey Hepburn wouldn’t have sat on the stairs…

Know : Afghanistan Facts & Gallery from 1960s, 70s

Fractured by internal conflict and foreign intervention for centuries, Afghanistan made several tentative steps toward modernization in the mid-20th century. In the 1950s and 1960s, some of the biggest strides were made toward a more liberal and westernized lifestyle, while trying to maintain a respect for more conservative factions. Though officially a neutral nation, Afghanistan was courted and influenced by…

Facts & Stats : What World Eats? Families and Their Food!

Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluision traveled the world exploring how the eating habits differ from country to country and presented their results in a photo album, called Hungry Planet: What the World Eats. The wife and husband’s team visited 24 different countries and 30 families to photograph them at home, at the market, and surrounded by their weekly food supplies….

Food We Eat : Rice (Part 1 of 2)

  Rice is a popular cereal crop commonly used as human food. It is actually a type of grass and belongs to a family of plants that includes other cereals such as wheat and corn.   Rice is rich in nutrients and contains a number of vitamins and minerals. It is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates—the best source of energy….

Facts & Stats : Animated Animal Facts -Funny :)

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Facts and Stats : What if there is a World of 100 People?

Well there is also data from other source says slightly a bit different If the World were 100 PEOPLE: Gender 50 would be female 50 would be male Age 26 would be 0-14 66 would be 15-64 8 would be 65 and older Geography 60 would be from Asia 15 would be from Africa 11 would be from Europe 9…

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