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Know Stats: List of countries by carbon dioxide emissions

CDIAC released preliminary 2009 and 2010 estimates for a limited number of countries;[9] the International Energy Agency also released its own estimates.[10] The following table is lists the 2010 estimate of annual CO2 emissions estimates (in thousands of CO2 tonnes) from these estimates for the top emitting countries, along with a list of emissions per person (in tons of CO2 per year). Country CO2emissions[9] Area (in km2)…

Who is the Daddy? Earth or Homo-Sapiens?

The functioning of earth is far complicated than the neural networks of our brain. Every micro to gigantic processes happens around are interconnected with each other. Either direct or indirect, one activity has its effect on several others. We humans right from our creation are exploring and trying to unveil these processes of earth. How far successful are we? Even…

Top 10 Beautiful flowers in the world

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Home of Millions : Earth : Have no space for our little Sparrows?

Sparrows are small, chubby brown-grey birds with short tails and short & blunt yet powerful beaks. They eat seeds but can also eat insects. They are (soon may go as ‘were’) found in Europe, Asia and Africa. WE NEED TO ACT: The population of sparrows has been declining, as there is less food for them, because of fewer gardens. They…

Genetically Engineering Mosquitoes to Fight mosquitoes

This article is published in Hindu. Shocked to read and really doubted are we that much advanced in technology to mutate / genetically modify a species to something? Thought of sharing with all to know your perspective. It may be a small tiny mosquito. But the issue needs our concern and deep insights. Feeling like Hulk and X-men Stories starting…..

Legendary 3200 year old Trees… (Avatar Trees in Earth)

Titans of the trees: Stunning photographs of 3,200-year-old giant sequoias as high as 20-story buildings on Sierra Nevada slopes  Mammoth trees only grow on western slopes of mountain range running through California and Nevada   By DAILY MAIL REPORTER PUBLISHED: 22:14 GMT, 19 November 2012 | UPDATED: 02:33 GMT, 20 November 2012 These are some of the world’s largest trees, rising majestically out of the snowy…

Artificial Solar Leaf – One Square meter is enough for one House’s Power Needs

Photosynthesis: Photosynthesis is the process by which plants, some bacteria, and some protists use the energy from sunlight to produce sugar, which cellular respiration converts into ATP, the “fuel” used by all living things. The conversion of unusable sunlight energy into usable chemical energy, is associated with the actions of the green pigment chlorophyll. They release molecular oxygen and remove…

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