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Five Thoughts For You : Education

5. Few Winners more Losers We notice a few who wins the educational race against money and appreciate them, but we miss the fact that in every race, the losers are more than the winners. 4. Money vs Knowledge & Wisdom It becomes an unfair race when one races for money rather knowledge and wisdom, but sadly the purpose of…

Role Models : Chakradhar Gode : IIM Graduate to Milkman

We are witnessing many premium Institutes Graduates step out with differences now a days. Chakradhar Gode An engineer and IIM graduate in Gurgaon has set out on a rather unusual path, with a promise to supply “fresh unadulterated milk” to a niche market. Milk is consumed by people of all ages even infants, we appreciate him for thinking ethical and…

Know : Top 10 Countries : Oil Consumers Vs Oil Reserves

  Only Russia, Canada and Saudi Arabia are the countries with both the reserves and consumption rates higher in the Top 10, Whereas United States, China and Japan are the top 3 consumers of Oil resources followed by India. Though placed second in oil reserves Venezuela is not there in the top 10 oil consuming countries. Have a look at the…

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