Five Thoughts for You : Spiritual Self Realization

spiritual journey

Atheist & Theist
An Atheist and A Theist have no difference in moral perspectives! On immoral side, they just manipulate their beliefs on God for selfish benefits. On the moral side, both a believer and disbeliever remains good and kind in nature to all living beings. All it matters is how do you define your morality?

Spirituality & Religion
Spirituality is the destiny as well as the journey, Religions are different paths to it. Now a days people cling on to the religions for namesake, rarely people follow and live by the good deeds and principles what every religion says. Spirituality can filter the human manipulations and adulteration done on religions. It is the common thread in all religions and has the same principles. One can attain spirituality even without religions and godly beliefs.

The God & Human
The God is the most simple as well as the most complex power! There is a pattern of life forms in universes, far beyond human brains. We often complicate to unveil them. We humans are a speck among billions, our sights cannot reach beyond a certain limit, but by nature we are curiously trying species to be superlative to all, including God. We gave shapes, names, ideas, rituals and religions to God matching our minds and expectations! But God is some power beyond explanation.

Extremists inside us
Both extreme attachment as well as aversion is the cause of all the evils in the world. Terrorism, corruption, communal riots, crimes and everything are the outcome of Extremism. Extremists are not always violent as many perceive, holding on to anything beyond a certain limit and detaining from concerning for others is a form of extremism. It is wide spread like a parasite on human minds, we cling on to something extreme, at least to one thing, like money, castes, feminism, dominance, etc many of us hardly realize the extremist living within us.

Individual and Rest of the World
What connects us with the rest of the world? Our Actions we do, which is the resultant of the thoughts, which in turn a resultant of perceptions, which is the resultant of the society and the society is a collection of individuals like us! So it’s like a boomerang cycle connecting everything with interlinks. Hard to expose the exact picture, but easy to accept! One can change his world by changing himself / herself, its as simple as that. Hope we individually try to find the meaning of our own existence and purpose of our lives.

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