Know : Internet-connected toothbrush

Internet-connected toothbrushBrush smarter. That’s the message from the makers of what is billed as the world’s first Internet-connected toothbrush from French-based startup Kolibree.

The Kolibree toothbrush includes a sensor which detects how much tartar is being removed in a brushing. It also records brushing activity so users can maintain a consistent cleaning each time.

The device conveys the information wirelessly to a Smartphone app – a particularly useful aid for parents who want to monitor the teeth cleaning efforts of small children, according to Kolibree. “When you use a normal toothbrush, you never really know what you’ve cleaned. It might be 30 per cent. The only person who really knows is the dentist.” 

But the app can tell users if they have missed hard-to-clean areas or are not getting a thorough brushing. Orders will be available initially through Kickstarter from $99 (Rs. 6,100) to $200 (Rs. 12,436), depending on the model and will include a free mobile app.


Courtesy: via NDTV

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