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I read this myopic and narrow thoughts expressed on a Facebook page, which I follow. I found it quite biased as an atheist thoughts. I am not against any atheist, but I am against people who are so selfish whether atheist or theist, without the compassion and values for the rest of the living beings in the world. So I shared my reply there and sharing the same with you all.  This is the Post on that page…

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My Response… to the post above…

The human mind is so complicated and vulnerable. When it goes uncontrolled by self or any God, it becomes destructive to himself and the things around. So we need a believe system. If you believe God exists, if not you exist. But Doing whatever gives fun to you may not be correct always, as it may hurt others or yourself unintentionally, that’s what they call Evil!

Right from our birth we are used to call out for help, a child cries; the mother appears as a miracle! Because the child does not know what a mother is! As her caring goes on she realizes what is mother. The same mother prohibits a child when he/she tries to touch a fire, even after grown up she prohibits if her kid turns to drugs! Is that forbidding freedom or caring? God is like a mother. There is a huge difference between Religions and God, atheists are frustrated about religions, they might have to talk against the religious practices, instead they do it against God!

We are programmed generation after generation like this. So God becomes a universal Mother / Father who believed to be there for us when we need help. Fortunately there are a lot of psychological things involved in the system behind GOD, which is perfectly crafted. It is up to your mind to choose what you need to believe! But if you hurt others, the rest of the world will reject you!

One sad truth is Religions are losing the originality and deviated from the actual purpose why they had been created for. This happened a long time ago. So we are fighting on religious grounds.

In future people will leave religions, but hold on to the GOD, they believe and the Spirituality! We will not need a rigid system of Religions anymore! It will be outdated and humans have developed consciousness more than that.

 – Words by Din

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