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Where do colours come from? Where are they present actually? Are they present in our brain or in our eyes or on the objects? No, one cannot really answer to this. For instance, nobody knows what the real blue is. “What’s the colour of a soul?” The best answer I could give is “Mirror-Color”. Only it reflects our own colour,…

Insights : The Twelve Gifts

Use your gifts well and you will discover others, among them a gift that is uniquely you. Once upon a time, a long time ago, when princes and princesses lived in faraway kingdoms, royal children were given twelve special gifts when they were born. You may have heard the stories. Twelve wise women of the kingdom, or fairy godmothers as…

Humans with Ugly minds : Man sues wife for having Ugly Kids!

Just read this news story first… The old adage ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ may ring true for some, but one husband in northern China feels that his ‘beautiful’ wife bamboozled him by having ‘ugly’ kids.  Jian Feng sued his wife for giving birth to what he called ‘incredibly ugly’ girl and won. “I married my wife out…

6 Pics for the 6th Sense : Hicory Ticory Dock, Little Jumbo on a Walk :)

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