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Where do colours come from? Where are they present actually? Are they present in our brain or in our eyes or on the objects? No, one cannot really answer to this. For instance, nobody knows what the real blue is. “What’s the colour of a soul?” The best answer I could give is “Mirror-Color”. Only it reflects our own colour,…

'Snoopy' Digs the Archive for You: May 2013

Visiting our blog now? Well, you could have missed a few interesting posts. Here we bring you “Snoopy” he will dig the archives and bring you the complete list of old posts in one place. Check out now what Snoopy found from May 2013.   One question poll : Know what others say: Love or Hate their Job? 5 Insights from…

| Haiku | Sea | 4 of 100|

Humbled under,holding me up!I ain’t sunk,as she raised above!Humbled is Honoured. She’s land, I’m Sea. – Din < p>> From my collection “I am Sea” Haiku (4 of 100)

| Haiku | Sea | 3 of 100|

Forgive? Or Efface Memories? Waves wash the feet You convey something? Sorry, the child drowned!                                – Din From my scribbles I AM SEA Image courtesy : Source

| Haiku | Sea | 2 of 100|

Desire as Salt and Food Love as Salt and Sea A faulty interchange On human souls                              – Din

Please spare a minute, we need your help not money!!!

Share anything you read, you liked, you want the world to know about. Ask anything you want to know about.  “Education is Everything” – you might see this as our tag line, not just as words. We Propel Steps get all the inspiration from that strong belief. Through education, we can bring many positive changes. Wisdom, Humanity, Environmental issues, Fair…

A Street Cat Named Bob (Please Don’t Miss)

Accidentally I found this Wonderful book while wandering the internet. Further exploration tempted me to buy a own copy of it online and reading this beautiful book. Everything seems written so light as feather after reading first few pages of this book, gives a good feel. When James Bowen found an injured, ginger street cat curled up in the hallway…

Comma Says…

Never Hesitate to correct your errors! You can keep a comma and begin correct again! There is No Full Stop for life!

The Missed Flight : Writer’s Digest Entry

I was watching through the windows. My flight was talking off before my very eyes. I missed the flight to New York. In fact at my age group, young entrepreneurs never had that composure to keep it cool. I managed it somehow and tried to find what the hidden reason for all the events happened that day, but couldn’t find…

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