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Beautiful Words : From an Alzheimer Patient

Dear Friend, Oh, how can this be You and I are losing me. Some day soon Maybe morning, Maybe noon I will no longer be the me You and I know as me. I ask, what is happening to me, And the answer seems to be Words and thoughts frequently scramble And my conversations seem to ramble. O, how can…

Powerful Quote #176 : The Small and The Big Things

Don’t ignore the bigger picture of your smaller initiatives and also when you achieve that bigger success, please care about the smaller things which helped you for it! – Din  Image Courtesy :

Powerful Quote #173 : Unsold Goodness

In the market of life, a few good people remain unsold. Many may think they are worthless to be bought, but they are indeed priceless to get sold. Such people never go down on a discount. May be they wait for the deserving person, who gives thyself to earn them! – Din

Humanity : Counterattacking Discrimination

This is one intriguing as well as annoying incident happened in the Delhi Metro, shared by a Facebook user. He in fact was a fellow passenger who witnessed this and shared it with the world. Here it is in his words ” This morning I saw a well-dressed senior citizen, wearing Ray-Ban sun glasses, who boarded the Delhi Metro and…

Wrote it from a Quote : Help

“If you helped someone, never showoff them that you have helped them once. If you have that habit, please do not help anyone hereafter.” a picture was saying the quote on a wall in a home. The neighbour read that, rushed back to his home and written a quote on a big photo and hanged it on the wall in…

Powerful Quote #149 : Unsold Thoughts of a Common Man

We don’t care about a great thought, if a common man makes it; but we fuss about some pointless words, if a celebrity makes it! We need to celebritize the Energizers more than the Entertainers for a better society! – Din

Simple Facebook Personality Test :)

  Assume you have Facebook account (if you do not have one), When you log in, say you are having 10 alerts each (all at once) for you on A) Friend Requests B) Messages C) Notifications Which one you would check first? Make your choice carefully and scroll down   . . . . . . . . . ….

Instant Personality Test: Which door you Walk through?

Which Door you would walk through? Pick the door that looks the most appealing to you. This might reveal a few things about your personality. Let us know what door you picked and if the answer was accurate for you. Comment and let us know how far this is true… 1 – You are a fun individual that likes to keep…

'Snoopy' Digs the Archive for You: May 2013

Visiting our blog now? Well, you could have missed a few interesting posts. Here we bring you “Snoopy” he will dig the archives and bring you the complete list of old posts in one place. Check out now what Snoopy found from May 2013.   One question poll : Know what others say: Love or Hate their Job? 5 Insights from…

| Haiku | Sea | 4 of 100|

Humbled under,holding me up!I ain’t sunk,as she raised above!Humbled is Honoured. She’s land, I’m Sea. – Din < p>> From my collection “I am Sea” Haiku (4 of 100)

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