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Statistical Study : Poor Farmers & Dirty Indian Politics

India farmer kills himself at Delhi AAP rally This is the most debated news on Indian media now! Maybe for this week, till we get another sensational news. Political parties are taking their respective pickings to do politics. Blaming one another and trying to follow their traditional strategy to make people fools. None of the political parties ever tried to…

Powerful Quote #136 : April 1 – Election Days

Almost all general elections seems like an April 1st and after results somebody gonna ROFL at us “April Foooollss“.  -Words by Din

Inspirational Speech : Jose Mujica – The President of Uruguay

Jose Mujica – The President of Uruguay unlikely any politician who ever we come across. He is referred as “The world’s poorest President” (in terms of money) but he is “The Richest President” in terms of being a wise human.  When you see Jose Mujica, just you can feel as you see a grand father next-door. He is so simple and he gives…

Kudos : First Time in India, A Provoking Banner by The Hindu

This Banner is going viral on Facebook in India 🙂 What is your opinion. Such a bold and strong statement by Indian Press Media 🙂 Kudos to The Hindu ! Keep more coming like this… It says ” Dear Mr.Politician, How come rising fuel prices worry a single-car owner and not someone with a 20-car convoy? Behave yourself, India. The…

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