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Powerful Quote #176 : The Small and The Big Things

Don’t ignore the bigger picture of your smaller initiatives and also when you achieve that bigger success, please care about the smaller things which helped you for it! – Din  Image Courtesy : Prikol.ru

Insights : The Twelve Gifts

Use your gifts well and you will discover others, among them a gift that is uniquely you. Once upon a time, a long time ago, when princes and princesses lived in faraway kingdoms, royal children were given twelve special gifts when they were born. You may have heard the stories. Twelve wise women of the kingdom, or fairy godmothers as…

Child'asana ;) My Crazy Way to Restore happYness

Child’asana is the technique of trying to emulate whatever children do. Invented by a scientist from the Planet ‘Mars’.  Are you going to believe if I say this? Ha ha 🙂  Child’asana? This is yoga you can never find in anywhere. Hee hee.. I just learned it today 🙂 Believe me, children can restore anything in this world. They are mesmerizing…

Powerful Quote #133 : Modernity

Modernity is enabling us to learn anything we want, we are knowledgeable. Yet our future is not just depended on our knowledge, but on our wiseness in choosing what to learn and what needed to be learned! – Words by Din Image Courtesy : Zach Bush (via Google)

Story : Losing something is not a reason to worry

A poor family of a worker, lived in a small town. He worked hard and honest though his earnings were just enough to meet his family’s day to day needs. One day his wife went to a vegetable market and she has just 10 Rupees with her. That could be enough for buying vegetable for two days for her family….

Knowledge is Great

May be the only quality where we hold supremacy over all other species on the earth is the Knowledge. If we time travel to the past, we can witness how knowledge has influenced our lives. We are here today because of it, with its unique pros and cons. Many feel that Knowledge is powerful, yes it is. But every power…

Powerful Quote #110 : Money Addiction!

Most people wrongly assume that more Money is a Free Ticket to override Morality! Money is an addiction that kills Wisdom slowly! -Words by Din

Legacy Never Dies, Mandela Taught us a lot, Now Resting in Peace

Mandela the human who inspired millions, through his words and life. I realized the power of Quotes after reading his quotes of wisdom. He may not be with us anymore, but he left his thoughts and legacy with us! Will never miss him, except the physical presence. Long live in our souls Madiba.

Powerful Quote #35 : Wisdom > Knowledge

Knowledge without wisdom is an idiocy, far dangerous than morons’ acts, that could probably cause more damage to the society. -Words by Din Image courtesy and copyrights : Paulo Zerbato

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