Where do colours come from? Where are they present actually?
Are they present in our brain or in our eyes or on the objects? No, one cannot really answer to this. For instance, nobody knows what the real blue is.

The Colour of Soul“What’s the colour of a soul?” The best answer I could give is “Mirror-Color”. Only it reflects our own colour, and we always see our perspectives reflected back through it. Isn’t it?
Are you the one among many who hype a lot about skin complexion?

Scientifically, Logically and Spiritually there exist no colour but perceptions do.
Who made us think that ‘Dark Complexion’ is not good? Especially the Indian mindset! They dictate Dark and Ugly are proportional to each other. Sick mindset isn’t it?
In 7 weeks, then in 7 days and now instant fairness creams are available in the market. Do we need one? 🙂
We can find the moon beautiful only in the dark sky. So, what makes us love moon? Moon’s Brightness or Sky’s Darkness?
Come on, lets learn to love things as a whole, as what they are. The difference begins in our perspectives, but not in the nature.
Everyone of us are colourful, picked from a palette of million colors processed in a factory of 100 billion cells called “Brain” with the help of our 576 Mega Pixels camera called “Eyes”. Hence, lets learn to open our minds to the truth.
There is no colour, but our perceptions. There exists no reason to hate, also we need no reason love one another 🙂!!

–  Words by Din

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